Dirección Nacional del Antártico - Instituto Antártico Argentino


The Dirección Nacional del Antártico -DNA- was created on January 1st 1970 within the area of the Ministry of Defense and is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and controlling scientific and technical Antarctic tasks of Argentina.

In 2003, under a Decree from the Executive National Power N° 207/2003, the Dirección Nacional del Antártico and the Instituto Antártico Argentino depend on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.


Its mission is to direct, support and control such activities accordingly to national objectives and strategies and with means assigned by the State.

Its functions are, among others, to counsel the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other National Planning organisms, to plan supplies for the Antarctic activity, to gather, analyse, and coordinate all requirements from executive organisms.

The DNA develops the "Antarctic Annual Plan" project, which has to be submitted together with the resource calculus and the Ministry of Defense is charged of its approval.

The DNA is charged of planning and programming the Antarctic Campaigns together with the Antarctic Commands of Armed Forces dealing with logistic and technical support, and of maintaining links with the corresponding organism from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to harmonize such activities with the Argentina foreign policy.

Logistic support of the Antarctic activity is under the responsibility of the Armed Forces, that provide means annually required.

Through the Instituto Antártico Argentino, Antarctic scientific research and scientific-technical surveys are conducted, controlled, coordinated and carried out. Antarctic expeditions are also performed, and IAA has the role of technical consultative organism on this matter.

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